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AVIMED MUSICBrentha Perambalam

OUR GURUSBrentha Perambalam

The Perambalam house, which is located in a small town in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was seldom a silent place – learning, rehearsing, improvising is what you hear in that house. Brentha Perambalam,  was born in that house to Perambalam Arumugam and Anchana Devi Perambalam. She grew up in an environment teeming with music; her father Perambalam, an ex-employee of an international bank, is an eminent flutist and composer and also and highly sought-after teacher.

Brentha, who works in an International bank, is a performing artist. She was exposed to arts and culture from an early age. She started singing on stage shows at the age of 6. She has won numerous trophies in Thevaram recital competition at that young age. She has been singing from the age of 7 and gave many memorable performances as a singer. Some of her memorable performances are; Proton Putra Launch , XIII Non-Alligned Movement Summit (NAM ) and Merdeka Celebration Concert at Putrajaya. Besides that, she has also sang in RTM TV, Radio 6, jingles and also recorded for several albums.

Brentha officially started her Carnatic Vocal training under the tutelage of the late Mrs Padma Subramaniam at the age of 13. Her passion for music motivated her to explore different genres such as Hindustani classical and Ghazal and she was trained by Mr Shivanand (India) and Ms Mousumi Pal (India) respectively. In 2018, Brentha together with her sister, Lishani did a Carnatic music performance at the Sri Nataraja Temple Chidambaram, India.

Brentha was introduced to Sitar much later in her life when she was 20 years old. After completing her Diploma in Computer studies, she decided to pursue a career in music. She learnt under the guidance of various Gurus, the late Mr Maheswaran Om (Malaysia), Mr Samuel J Dass (Malaysia) and Pandit Shirish (India). She gave her first public sitar performance in 1999 . She  toured as a member of her father’s musical group till to-date. She has been regularly featured in several music programs conducted by various government and private organizations and have performed many shows across Malaysia. She was also part of the Konsert 100 Simfoni Rakyat Malaysia (2004) and Konsert Kembara Gamelan Akustika (2016). Currently, she is an  accompaniment artist to an Indian instrumental light music band, led by her father Perambalam Arumugam on flute, Brentha Perambalam on Sitar & Lishani Perambalam on Violin.

Learning music is a never-ending journey for Brentha. She appreciates all genres of music and absorbs the nuances from each of them. Besides vocal and sitar playing, she has also learnt piano lesson under the guidance of Ms Karen. Brentha has 10 years of experience in teaching Indian Carnatic Vocal and Sitar Music to different age categories from children to adults as she believes imparting musical knowledge should not be restricted to age. Brentha attribute all her success to her gurus, especially her father, who still continues to guide her, and to her mother, who has nurtured every need and has been a strong pillar to her .